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Turkey-Iraq agree security pact – The RFL keeps silent

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 28, 2007

Turkey-Iraq agree security pact

Turkish Interior Minister Besir Atalay, right, and his Iraqi counterpart Jawad al-BolaniTurkish and Iraqi interior ministers ironed out most of their differences

Iraq and Turkey have signed a security agreement aimed at curbing the activities of the Turkish Kurdish separatist group, the PKK. However, the final agreement does not include a key Turkish proposal that its troops be allowed to pursue PKK fighters over the border into Iraq.

The proposal had been strongly opposed by the Kurdish officials in Iraq. From BBC

This is horrifying news. Turkey and Iraq just signed an agreement that makes it ok for the two nations to chase Kurds to death on each other territories. Where is the Radical Far Left reaction, protests and analysis? Nowhere to be seen. The RFL have said absolutely nothing on the matter, despite the fact that the issue traditionally is right up their alley. It’s pathetic that a middle-aged, center liberal has to do their work for them, makes me feel very OLD.


3 Responses to “Turkey-Iraq agree security pact – The RFL keeps silent”

  1. Lost Royalty, Lost Kurds, Lost Children

    Lost Romanov bones ‘identified’

    The remains of the other Romanovs were exhumed in 1991

    Russian scient…


  2. Dale Husband said

    Isn’t it obvious? All the Radical Far Leftists care about is bashing Israel, regardless of what other nations do!


  3. Yes, Dale, which makes me even more convinced that the Radical Far Left is just as inherently antisemitic as the Radical Far Right. If they were even the least progressive and activist, they’d be all over this like ants on a honey jar.

    I remember last time I found their silence suspicious, and I complained about it:

    Bangladeshi Journalist ignored by Care2 Human Rights Activists

    Israel is not involved, so it’s not interesting. Hypocrites.


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