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Fat and Ugly if you dislike Beauty Pageants…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 11, 2007

Full Bodied Woman 1

A friend of mine got into a scrap when he defended a friend who dislikes Beauty Pageants for children and teens. His friend was called “Fat and Ugly” when she expressed her dislike of beauty pageants for children and teens, calling for some sense and sensibility in regards to what is expected of those kids.

Had I been there I would have been in a scrap too.

Claiming that someone, who actually sees beauty pageants for what they are – extremely superficial, degrading to women and generally very influential in how we raise our girls and young women to view themselves, is fat and ugly, is not only abusive and unfair, it is an attitude that serves only one purpose: Cementing the current gender roles in which women are held in mental and physical servitude not so much to men as to a social and political system that thrives on superficiality and inauthenticity.

My wife wrote an excellent blog on this matter in which she declares that she wont shave her body hair, because it only caters to a pedophiliac attitude in society towards women. I wrote a Blog entry about a judge who claimed that a 10 year-old victim of rape was “dressed provocatively” that has some very revealing pictures.

Trashing a woman for attempting to step out of the mold, fight the mold and actively contribute to a change in how people and society view women is misogynist to say the least, and is very telling in terms of revealing the priorities of the trashers.

Beauty is a whole of things, not just a beautiful face or a beautiful body. It also needs to have a beautiful soul and mind.”

Well said, Kelly! And thank you D for stepping up and defending her!

Here are some images of a Wonderful Woman, who also happens to be “larger than average” Camryn Manheim:


6 Responses to “Fat and Ugly if you dislike Beauty Pageants…”

  1. Holly said

    Excellent post, SB! I wish more women – and men – would write about this, because it really is objectification of women at its most obvious, and it has to stop. I think it’s awesome that Ket is fighting back – I personally can’t remember the last time I shaved, to be honest with you – and I hope other women will wake up and smell the stench of reality and fight back, too.

    With regard to Camryn Manheim, whom you used as an excellent example of “larger than average” women, there was a time not too long ago when women of her size were considered quite attractive. In my opinion, the fashion and movie industries have a hell of a lot to answer for, because young people are dying every day in their struggle to “fit in” with what these industries decide is “perfect.” Makes me furious just thinking about it…


  2. Oh, I love Camryn Manheim, for exactly the reason that she is larger than average. To be honest, I never like women that are not on the “full size” side of the scale.

    I was shocked to realize that the models on Tyra Banks’ “Top Model” TV show were consider Size 0 (Zero) and that a Size 2 (Two) woman is considered “Plus Size” – I mean, that’s ridiculous! I asked Ket “Where’s the “Plus” in that woman?” I couldn’t believe my eyes.

    You might want to bring your views to Being a Wombat.

    I am glad you liked my post *hug*


  3. Holly said

    Yes, I love Camryn Manheim, too. Indeed, I feel that she truly does personify and epitomize the true meaning of womanhood. I’m sure that if she was given the chance, she would probably tear Tyra Banks and her “top models” sizes all to blazes – and without getting nasty about it, either.

    Personally, I believe very strongly that the fashion and movie industries have a lot to answer for, because they are the reason for these ridiculous sizes (size 0? Come ON…. ::rolls eyes::). They are also the reason why so many young people are developing eating disorders (I have a blog about ED’s, but I think you already knew that…?).

    It has to change, SB. And people like you, Dale, me, Ket, and others have to start getting a lot more vocal about it to set the ball in motion a lot more strongly. Right now, things are moving at a snail’s pace, as pressure from the fashion and movie industries is fueled by money, and we all know that money makes the world go round. It’s an unfortunate truth, but a truth, nonetheless…


  4. lyz said

    some beauty pageants are superficial, but you cant roll all of them into one. i am part of my hometown royalty/pageant and we are focused on community service as well as serving others. We also get to represent our great community at other events throughout our state. not every pageant is a beauty pageant. we are a scholorship pageant. so before you lump a huge category like pageants, you should really do your research!


  5. Lyz,

    Throughout the Blog Entry and the comment section I have used the words “Beauty Pageants” – have I not?

    So I have not “lumped a huge category”, now, have I. If your kind of pageant is not as beauty pageant, I really don’t see why you are so upset. Really. As I am not talking about you or your pageants. Perhaps you need a pair of glasses and remedial reading?


  6. mikey pete said

    This babe is fine!!! I can wrap my arms around her and feel a REAL woman


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