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Reform Judaism has a point, Nu?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 10, 2007



“MK Yossi Beilin (Meretz-Yahad) is adamantly opposed to changing the law. “Israel’s door must be much broader, not closer to halakhic definitions,” he said yesterday. “There is no reason that the children and grandchildren, and even great grandchildren [of Jews], cannot immigrate, and recently we have had cases of great grandchildren who want to come.”
Opposition to amending the Law of Return also came from the other side of the political spectrum. “If we do not let grandchildren immigrate, it will hurt thousands of people who grew up in Jewish families, with a clear connection to Judaism, and who suffered from anti-Semitism,” said MK Zeev Elkin (Kadima). He believes that changes to the Jewish Agency’s immigration encouragement policies would be sufficient to keep out “undesirable” immigrants- non-Jews and those with a minimal attachment to Judaism. Elkin, a former consultant to the head of the Jewish Agency, says the organization focuses its immigration efforts on remote areas of the former Soviet Union, where the population is poorer. It is more difficult to persuade Jews in the larger cities, where economic conditions are better, to come to Israel, he noted.”

Halacha accepts anyone as Jewish if they have a Jewish mother or have converted to Judaism in accordance with Orthodox Tradition. Law of Return accepts anyone with a Jewish Ancestor… Hitler did as much for the Jews too – and see it put us in a pickle a second time.


Reform Judaism accepts anyone as Jewish if they have one Jewish parent AND has been raised Jewish, with a clear connection to Judaism – now if Halacha and the Law of Return has some sense they would pick up the logic of Reform Judaism on this and implement it ASAP.


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