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“This isn’t enough; we have to finish you off.”

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 10, 2007

Police in Israel have uncovered a neo-Nazi ring which was responsible for vandalising synagogues and carrying out attacks on Jews and foreign workers in Israel, a court was told [on September 9].

It appears that the number of Russian Jews who will emigrate to Germany this year will be larger than the number who come to Israel; the law under which Jews from the former Soviet Union can immigrate to Germany is close to the restricted definition of “Jewish under Jewish law.” The Israeli Law of Return, however, is in fact based on the Nuremberg Laws, in which the Germans expanded the definition of who is Jewish in accordance with their own needs.

In November, 2002, an immigrant social worker was called urgently to a school in Kiryat Menachem in Jerusalem to help children and families who were hurt in a terror attack on a bus in the neighborhood. Distressed and anxious, she made her way to the neighborhood by bus. Before she got off the bus, one of the passengers, a Russian-speaking woman, said: “This isn’t enough; we have to finish you off.”


Recently, skinheads have been seen in Hatzor and Kiryat Shmona. In Russian bookstores in Israel, books that promote Holocaust-denial are sold openly (which is against the law), as are cassettes of neo-Nazi songs like “The Nazis are Coming.”

I thought I had seen and read everything. Am I shocked? Yes. And. No. After all Anti-Semitism has always been staple attitude in Russia, so if you don’t really identify with being Jewish, because basically, your parents are half-ass Jews brought to Israel under the Law of Return – which will take anyone with at least one Yid in the family, then is it any surprise that you bring along a culture of hatred for the Jews – after all your are not Jewish, right?


“There is a metaphysical dimension in the Law of Return that comes in to compensate for every drop of Jewish blood for which the Nazis wanted to slaughter the Jewish people,”says writer and essayist Maya Kaganskaya, who has also made a study of fascism in Russia. “Metaphysically, I also agree with it. But in the real sense, the Jewish people is in danger because of it. There is a problem here that is difficult to solve. It’s easy to deal with the neo-Nazi movement – they should simply be thrown out of here. I am familiar with this phenomenon from Russia, where it’s fairly popular. Nazis and Hitler become surrounded by a halo of romanticism in the struggle against the new world. But the real problem is the Law of Return. A Jewish state according to Jewish religious law and a state built on the Law of Return as it stands both lead to the end of the state. It is necessary to bring together intellectuals, demographers and legal experts who will reexamine to what extent and according to what test it is possible to accept immigrants here.”

Yup, revoke their citizenship, deport them back to Russia, and make some real changes to the legislation. It is ironic that Gentile Converts to Judaism, who most often have a true love for the Jewish People and the True Land of Israel, are often forced to jump through insane hoops to get a certified Aliyah Card and be eligible for immigration under the Law of Return, but those little scumbags can slide in, uncircumcised, uneducated and illiterate simply because they have a drop of Jewish blood in their veins. Sorry, but that’s sick.


“For about three years now, the Information Center for Victims of Anti-Semitism in Israel has been active. Its members track manifestations of anti-Semitism in this country through “open” sources, such as the press, and individual complaints that are made to them. The center is headed by Zalman Gilichinsky, 39, a painter by profession, a newly observant Jew who immigrated to Israel from Kishinev.

Over time he has accumulated hundreds of incidents that elsewhere in the world would be defined as “manifestations of anti-Semitism,” but in Israel, the political system and the law-enforcement authorities relate to them with studied indifference. The range of incidents is wide: non-Jewish immigrants calling Jewish immigrants Zhid, an elderly Jewish immigrant woman in Jerusalem being beaten by a non-Jewish caregiver who calls her “Zhidovka,” comments like “Hitler didn’t finish the job,” swastika graffiti found all the time in predominantly Russian-speaking neighborhoods, vandalism in synagogues and cemeteries.”

The Secular Zionist Idea has clearly gone Absolutely Stark Raving Mad!

One Response to ““This isn’t enough; we have to finish you off.””

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