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The Quirky Habit Meme Tag Game…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 24, 2007

“Examples of memes are tunes, ideas, catch-phrases, clothes fashions, ways of making pots or of building arches. “
“Memes can include scientific theories, religious doctrine, tips on fashion and racial attitudes.”

So – I caught this thing called “habit meme” from a Finnish blog. It exists in other blogs as well, in English it’s more “The Quirky Habit Meme” game. (So – if you read this – consider yourself tagged – you’re it – now go and write 5 of your quirky habits in your blog and infect someone else…)

So… From The One and Only

So my Evil Wife went and infected me with this Meme bug…

Five quirky habits…

I have loads of habits, but I am not sure if they are quirky… I have been called eccentric, does that count?

1. I cannot continue writing on a piece of paper if something is “out of order”, such as a spelling error or sloping lines…I have to get a new, clean page.

2. I am a Disaster Movie Junky.

3. I can’t do the dishes unles the dishes are properly sorted, rinsed and placed on the proper side of the sink.

4. If left-overs have been in the fridge more than 2 days I won’t eat them.

5. When I sit down to Study Torah, write or paint everything around me has to be neat and clean and in order, or I won’t be “inspired”…

Now, go infect someone else! And don’t forget to trackback…

5 Responses to “The Quirky Habit Meme Tag Game…”

  1. yaelbatsarah said

    1. I cannot write on paper unless the paper looks sort of like a page of Talmud, with notes here and there, scratch outs, arrows pointing to something, different colors of ink to show additions….

    2. As a rule I don’t watch movies except an occasional really sappy chick flick.

    3. I can’t do the dishes.

    4. If left-overs have been in the fridge more than 2 days it means my kids aren’t home.

    5. When I sit down to study there had better be books stacked every which way, papers, pens, pop bottles, snacks, and computer. Chaos is good!

    My quirky habits? I don’t have any of course! Only married people have them. :>)


  2. “4. If left-overs have been in the fridge more than 2 days it means my kids aren’t home.”


    “My quirky habits? I don’t have any of course! Only married people have them. :>)”

    As if…my wife told me to ask your kids…:-)


  3. Yael said

    LOL I don’t think my kids would be so kind as to call them ‘quirky’!


  4. Of course not, no kids ever think “quirky” about their parents – stuffy, old-timers, idiots…but they grow up and they realize that “quirky” is better way of saying it…:-D


  5. yaelbatsarah said

    OK. So, I’ll tell you a few of my ‘quirky’ habits so you can laugh.

    1. I like to listen to REALLY loud music while driving. The acoustics in a car are fantastic. At home I can’t stand even normal noise levels. The TV has to be super low, music quiet. Too many echoes in a house perhaps? I have very sensitive hearing.

    2. I go crazy if someone chews gum by me. Do not chew gum, click your tongue, or make any other mouth noices. I come unglued.

    3. I sleep with a fan blowing on me all the time. If one of the kids walks through the path of the air, I will wake up. If the phone rings 100 times, if someone uses a leaf blower outside my window I will not stir.

    4. When I am writing or playing games on the computer I can listen to the same song repeat 70 times on iTunes without it bothering me or me hardly noticing. Drives my kids nuts.

    5. When I am writing no one should touch me. I get totally focused on my writing and hate being intruded upon by so much as a pat on the shoulder.


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