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search:sick puppies partition

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 22, 2007

I have had one of those funny searches’ days on my blog today and yesterday.

What are people looking for when they type in “sick puppies partition“? Puppies cut in half? How to partition puppies before eating them? Wondering if their hard drive is sick and need special treatment? Really – people make some funny searches.

The day before yesterday someone wanted to see “bear fighting a dragon drawings“…okaaaay…it is true that I sometimes feel like I am fighting a dragon with multiple heads when going against anti-semitism, but what makes people think they will find drawings specifically depicting a bear fighting a dragon? What runs through peoples’ minds when they type in searches like that?

Since you so vigorously searched the net for it, here you go – compliments of my Wife:

Bear fighting a Dragon

This one is intriguing: “religious fundamentalism UN resolution” – I get the religious fundamentalism and the UN resolution – but where did the combination of those two originate inside someone’s head?

It sure would be wonderful if there was a UN resolution against Religious Fundamentalism. Then I could just walk up to my fanatical Xtian neighbor and say: “there’s a UN Resolution against you!” every time she tries to pander her religion to me and demand that she comply with the resolution. We could solve the problem of religious infighting by bunching the Fundamentalist Islamists, the Fundamentalist Xtians, Literalist Jews, Quirky Hindus, Marxist Stupidists and Annoying Atheists together and send them on the next NASA flight to Mars, all in compliance with a UN Resolution.

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