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Judge claims paedophile victim ‘dressed provocatively’

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 10, 2007

Judge claims paedophile victim ‘dressed provocatively’


Yes, 2007 and a judge claims a 10-year-old was ‘dressed provocatively’… This story was posted in an on-line community, and all hell broke loose – understandably. What was not understandable was the re-action two moderate male participants were met by for stating that part of the problem with such a statement from a judge lies in a general societal attitude, that is unfortunately being fostered by parents, mainly mothers, who choose to dress their children in what could be considered provocative clothes.

Don’t get me wrong – I think the judge’s comment/base for ruling is outrageous, no doubt about it. But what’s behind it? What is the root cause underneath the attitudes that leads people to give such statements?

The Feminist Cadre would unanimously claim that he’s a chauvinist pig, possibly a pedophile himself and so on – but is this actually the case? Just a little over a month ago, a female lawyer claimed something similar during a different trial in the US – so it doesn’t seem to be gender specific.

So what’s going on?

Society sexualises everything, including children and children’s clothes. Here’s a picture of miss American Pre-Teen (10-12):


I find it hard to believe that this girl is 10-12 years old – and this is what Society approves of as an ideal for girls…

Then add some serious make-up:


an…voila, you have a 10 year old sex-object that Society fostered happily assisted by mothers wanting to re-gain their lost youth… in the above mentioned discussion I tried to put this forward, and was immediately attacked for singling out mothers as the culprit – the fact is that fathers have very little to do with their daughters’ choice in clothes, both the buying and the wearing. They have wives that do that, and who would be really pissed if their husbands questioned their judgment on what little Elise or Tiffany is wearing.

Reading the news story closely reveals that this 10 year old had dressed as if she was 16 and had claimed that she was indeed 16 years old – now where did she get this from? I have my suspicions that she might be a victim of sexual abuse/incest – 10 year olds don’t relate sexually to adults unless they have been taught to do so. Is she responsible? No. She’s not. Whoever allowed her to think that sexuality is the only way to get attention and approval from adults is responsible – and if you ask me, her parents should be in jail too. As for the little Girl, she should be in psychiatric care or in foster care that specializes in caring for sexually abused and victimized children, so she can grow up and know that she’s lovable without being a sex-object.

7 Responses to “Judge claims paedophile victim ‘dressed provocatively’”

  1. Dale Husband said

    I sometimes think girls would be better off if they reached puberty at 30 instead of 13. In any case, we need a more balanced view of sex. The man who took advantage of a 10 year old, the judge who excused the misbehavior, and mothers who pamper their daughters to be “little adults” are all equally screwed up. It must stop!


  2. Silly Old Bear said

    I agree, Dale, whole heartedly – it seems though that what will be hardest to dislodge from peoples’ minds and attitudes are the pampering.

    I do think we have made headway in the justice system and in most peoples’ minds that sex and children do not compute well.



  3. Enjoyed your thoughtful and thought-provoking blog entry…

    I read in the articles that the 10-year-old victim had been in “care under the local authorities” (foster care??) since she was four years old.

    As a former foster child and current child advocate, I would even go so far to say:

    – Growing up without love makes a young girl long for love and attention

    – Society tells young girls that dressing a certain way and wearing make-up will make them “pretty” and hence desirable

    And, when I say ‘desirable,’ for a 10-year-old girl, that means wanting hugs — not wanting to be raped by two 24-year-old men!



  4. I agree with you, Lisa – and thank you for your comment in the Imaginif Safety Talk Forum – it feels good that my opinions are reaching out.

    Silly Old Bear


  5. jameswillisisthebest said

    This is my first post
    just saying HI


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  7. Helen said

    women are perfectly capable of being chauvinistic.


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