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Archive for June 26th, 2007

What else could it be?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 26, 2007

“The Jews control the Media…”
“The Jews control the Diamond Trade…”
“The Jews created those Muhammad cartoons…”
“The Jews control the World’s Banks…”
“The Jews controlled the Slave trade…”
“The Jews cause the Black Plague…”
“The Jews control the UN…”
“The Jews control the Movie Industry…”
“The Jews…”Why is defining someone as “Jewish” important?What does someone being Jewish have to do with the media, the diamond trade, the Muhammad Cartoons, the slave trade, the black plague, the UN, the movie industry?

Why is that all other people in the world are defined as the country they live in, but a resident of Sweden or America or any other country, who also happens to be Jewish, is defined as “Jewish”?

Some have attempted to answer the question by claiming that people Jewish make a big thing out of being Jewish – or at least that is what they say they hear all the time – Jewish people talking about being Jewish. Some hide their slanted query in a little game called “blame the victim”: “that because Jews define themselves this way, which is magnified a zillion times by the actions of the Israeli government (which are propped up by Israeli voters), might have something to do with why others define Jews as Jews.”

A variation on this theme:”non-Jews feel like they are always having the holocaust and anti-semitism thrown in their faces all the time, and I think it makes them feel like Jews blame people who were not even alive at the time for what happened in the past, or that non-Jews don’t feel sorry enough for them.”

Ah, yes, of course – Israel must be the cause, why else would the Russians, the Polish, the Germans have tried to annihilate us? And of course it is all about the fact that we exist and the Holocaust happened – What else could it be?

The little old lady who is fearfully seeking out the Jewish Community, she has not dared seek out since she was released from Bergen-Belsen in 1945 because she has lived her entire life in fear that someone would find out that she is Jewish – so she can be sure to have a decent Jewish Funeral, she has of course made all sorts of advertizing about being Jewish, and that is the reason she will be labeled as Jewish, should she be seen entering the Synagogue. Naturally. What else could it be?

Or the preteen who walks five blocks more than he has to every Thursday afternoon after school, careful to make sure no-one follows him and sees him enter the Synagogue back-door for his weekly Bar Mitzvah Studies, because if his schoolmates saw him, he would be labeled Jewish and most likely be harassed in school the next day – he really must have boasted about being Jewish – Oh yes, what else could it be?

The middle-aged man, who in keeping with his faith wears a scull cap and fringes where-ever he goes, who is being waylaid on the way to the store, yelled at and threatened by mobs of youngsters. Whose dog is being kicked and stoned when it is left out-side that store – he must really have told it from the roof-tops that he is Jewish, after all he is wearing out-side signs of being Jewish, so what else could it be?

G-d forbid that it should be something within the non-Jews! G-d forbid that ordinary, decent, church-going people be asked to accept that they have anti-semitic tendencies hopping round in their minds, that have them note and magnify this rather irrelevant fact about their fellow human beings to a point where everything else becomes insignificant – so all they see is “Jewish”. G-d forbid.


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