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Archive for June 25th, 2007

How to Manipulate and Confuse People…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 25, 2007

into doing your dirty work.

  1. find a really juicy piece of gossip, “news”, and/or blog entry – look anywhere in the Net if you have to.
  2. find a discussion forum post that attempts to make a point through exaggerated violent and threatening language in which the author explains that the exaggeration is for illustration purposes only, and not intended to be anything else.
  3. find the biggest picture of the Blog Entry Author and use that as an illustration for a news post on a News Story about the two items you found in step 1 and 2 – make sure you post in Trebuchet 8pt, so it’s hard to read.
  4. send out email messages to all your friends and their friends in a site that has more than 6 million members telling them how the Blog Author and the Exaggerator is threatening their personal security. Make sure that you have your Martyr Cap on, so people will forget to separate the two issues from each other out of sympathy for you and your closest friend.
  5. conveniently edit out the explanation from the Exaggerator’s comment when you speak about it – so people get the impression that there really was a genuine threat expressed.
  6. as people gather to eat from your hand use the Chicken Little approach and fuel their fears.
  7. Used expressions such as “these people”, “gang”, “thugs” etc, so it seems that you’re speaking of MANY, and not just #1 and #2.
  8. This is guaranteed to make all who see your news so confused that they will note it or digg it out of pure misunderstanding.
  9. mix in large amounts of garbled conspiracy theories. Sit back and watch the chaos evolve and character assassinations run their course.

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