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Reading things into things that doesn’t exist there…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 19, 2007

“I saw a video on a proclaimed Jewish friend’s blog that I found incredibly offensive…it showed U.S. citizens and Israelis as being one and the same against Muslims.”

This woman was referring to this video: only proving that she has understood nothing what the video is saying. And thus inferring that I am Anti-Arab. Which I am not, nor have ever been – I am Anti-War, Anti-Prejudice

She then – after I called her on it by saying this:

“[…]if you look at the video you will see that it doesn’t depict Israelis and Americans as being against Arabs – it shows how we are all the same. Same blood, same wishes, same needs…to make that video into a racist, anti-Arab thing is simply wrong and means you have misunderstood the video entirely. I was pointed to it by a Pro-Palestinian.I would also like to know

why it is important to define “your friend” as Jewish? What does his Jewishness have to do with anything in this?

Are you profiling me? Trying to play into an anti-semitic/ anti-Jewish sentiment? Don’t you think that is counterproductive to the idea of this group? Even a bit bigoted? Racist perhaps?”

She replies:

“Bear, I was pointing that it is a stereotype I do not like and would like to dismiss The video, to me, showed Israelis and Americans as one on one side, and Muslims on the other side. I found it incredibly offensive, and want to clear up the stereotype.”

How can a video that is not depicting any Jewish People or Israelis even figure as a stereotype in this? Even in someone’s imagination. Unless there’s something very wrong in that person’s ideas about Jewish People.


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