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Continued from Last Entry

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 19, 2007

“Bear, this thread is about stereotypes I do not like 12:42 PMI never said it was you…you did that…and I never mentioned where the video was…you did that.

I do not like the stereotypes on the video, and I find them offensive.

I said “proposedly Jewish friend”…which means to me that the person posting the video claims to be Jewish, which is true.

This group is also about dispelling false stereotypes. To me, that video is full of false stereotypes.”

“[…], 12:55 PM

you said “proclaimed Jewish Friend” – regardless of who this person is – why is it important to bring the alleged Jewishness into this? Also, considering our latest conversations in NM, me suspecting you of underhandedly bringing up my supposed Anti-Arabism (which is also), is not at all surprising.

Second – the video is a PEACE VIDEO – there are no Israelis there, no Jews, and the images could be from any Western Country, except the one of Bush and Cheney, and any Arab Country in the World – it’s Video about the unnecessary clash between our prejudices about each other – where ever we live.

To claim that the video is depicting Americans and Israelis against Muslims is utter horse manure, regardless of your own perceptions – it’s simply FALSE. You could easily have brought this stereotype here without distorting the intent and mission of the video.”

“Bear, this thread is about stereotypes of nationalities 1:19 PM

It is full of stereotypes. I take offense to the stereotypes, and want to clear it up.

Again, I never said which video it was, or whose video it was…I never even said which “proposedly Jewish friend”…I have hundreds of friends on care2, and many are “proposedly Jewish”. Again, you announced on this thread that it was your video.”

For crying out loud – of course the video is full of stereotypes, that is the purpose of the video – to visualize the prejudices we have and then ask us: IS THIS HOW YOU SEE ME?

But there’s a far cry between saying that the video is full of stereotypes and claiming that it’s a video depicting the US and Israel together against Muslims…

Please, ignorant woman! GO BACK TO SCHOOL and don’t leave until you can pass without mistakes and fumbles.


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