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Americans do not trust their Government…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 14, 2007

…to provide them with accurate historical information about world events in their schools.

“…it does record a part of history as this man experienced it (not the gov.). If you are able to read anything like this and ignore any racist, hateful, etc. remarks then there is history to be learned. Some people can’t do that, and I understand, but I can take excerpts from this and apply it to what I was “investigating”…”

This was said by a friend of mine, who will willingly accept the “historical account” given by a known Anti-Semite, Revisionist and White Supremacist, because she believes that the Government somehow is distorting the truth about f.i WWI.

I can understand this caution from a Chinese, moderate Muslim in Iran or a North Korean – where information is censored and distorted by automation to keep the people in the dark – but I didn’t realize that the American Government was deliberately distorting the history education to a point where it’s population has to seek information from sources that are of questionable quality and agendas. Which in the end of course will distort the American Publics understanding of historical sources and events even more – but they cannot know that, because “anything is better than what the Government gives us!”




One Response to “Americans do not trust their Government…”

  1. Mike said

    Oh I agree. Although there are distortions, they are not on so grand a scale as the “conspiracy theorists” would like us to believe. They are more along the lines of “there is little evidence that George Washington chopped down a cherry tree in his youth” so that this “story” can be classified as folklore.
    But something that has “the very buildings” where certain atrocities took place, still standing; the conspiracy, if any exists, is in the denying of blatantly obvious evidence of real events for an agenda. The accuser becomes the offender in this case.


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