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Don’t let the Gimps in…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 10, 2007

I am using the below quotes to illustrate an idea – that the majority is entitled to keep status quo, at the expense of the visually disabled minority – if indeed they are in the minority…Studies show that this might not be the case at all. For what reasons does this person feel that HE is entitled to have it as he has always had it? For the sake of personal convenience and his personal sense of aestethics…

“have to change to 12 point just for a few people when those few people can make the corrections they seek on their own?”

“It’s ridiculously huge and cartoony looking and takes up WAY too much space.”

I HAVE TO PERFORM AN ACTION THAT I NEVER HAD TO PERFORM BEFORE. Don’t you get it? I used to be able to just type and post. Now I have to type, highlight everything, choose a new font size or font, THEN post. […] When I’m already having to do extra stuff in Firefox that takes up more time than it would in IE, the addition of YET ANOTHER STEP that takes up EVEN MORE OF MY TIME is irritating beyond belief. […] The font is too big and it’s annoying. It’s ugly as sh¡t to boot.”

Here is my reply to this guy as I wrote it in a Discussion Forum:

Those people are not few. So you are saying that we should not make society accessible to disabled people, whatever their disability? Disabled people don’t belong in the general public, where they might upset the “normal” people with their need for accomodations. Nice. No more books in Braille for the blind – “what are they gonna read for any way, they are blind for crying out loud, and let’s not forget that they are the minority – and we cannot have the minority having any say – oh, let’s take away their rights to vote too – after all they are just going to vote to have their disabilities accomodated! – Bloody Gimps, they are controlling everything” No more hearing aids for the hearing impaired “or they might actually hear what we say about them behind their backs or take part in public services out-side their homes, can’t have that now, can we – bloody gimps, oughta stay home and not bother normal people with their imperfections!” No more wheelchair ramps into public buildings, or buses that lower their floors at bus stops – “that would be totally inappropriate, since the majority don’t need that and it only makes the majority aware that those people exist, it might traumatize them for life, poor Normies.” No default accessibility to one of the best Human Rights sites on the internet for those bloody gimps, “what are they doing here anyway other than making trouble for Normies? No, let’s not let them in, and if we against better judgement let them in, make it really difficult for them – let them do all the hassling with adjust ments and font sizes, so we the Normies won’t have to make any efforts… ’cause it might upset us and our Normie-lives.” (and for those who are satirically impaired – I am being )

I am not saying that this guy is prejudiced against disabled people – but his arguments sure can be read that way, and that is my point here.

Just don’t let the Gimps in. We might actually inconvenience you and ask you to make the same efforts we all too often have to make to live in a society that is made for Normies and their world.


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