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Nimby’s well and kicking the homeless to the curb

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on March 31, 2007

This is a response to two links provided by a friend of mine in the Homeless Civil Rights and Civil Liberties Group.

Judge overturns Mt. Holly’s rejection of homeless shelter on Cherry Street and Neighbors want to block homeless housing

“the shelter provided nothing beneficial to the neighborhood.”

Ah, so keeping the homeless on the streets is beneficial to the neighborhood?

“It’s not that we have anything against the homeless, we just want to take care of our homes.”

Achso, and in what way would homeless people not take care of their homes?

“No one here thinks that the homeless are worthless or anything,” said Debbie Dubois, who lives off Sugarbush. “We just want to make sure that what goes in there isn’t going to put anyone’s family or home at risk.”

Now, what risk are we talking about here? The risk of actually being made aware that there’s another world out there than your little middle-class hypocritical bubble? Or that some of your kids may actually grow up to think that other peoples’ well-fare and well-being are just as important as their own, and fight for the human rights of their fellow human beings? Now, that would be a complete catastrophy that just might shake your “desperate house-wife world” to the core…

IMO the best way to solve the homeless problem of one’s neighborhood is to provide the homeless with housing/homes – that way they will be nowhere else bothering “decent middle-class folk”. But that is apparently a solution that escapes the intellectual capacities of those middle-class people. What is it with them – does moving to Suburbia require that you have a complete cerebralectomy? I sure looks that way. Shame on you ‘Burbians!

NIMBY = Not In My Back-Yard


One Response to “Nimby’s well and kicking the homeless to the curb”

  1. dana said

    I’ll second that emotion!!


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