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Name Your Terms Then!

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on September 11, 2006

“I want to renew our rejection of these [Western] decisions because we consider them as biased, unjust and conditional decisions,” Abu Zuhri said. (The demands Hamas rejected were to renounce violence, recognize Israel’s right to exist and accept all former agreements between Israel and the Palestinians)

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Again. No surprise. It’s been the Palestinian stance for 60 years, except for a short spell in 1993, why change it now?

But then, perhaps it’s time “the West” stopped meddling? Stopped mediating, and let Israel and Palestine sort it out between themselves. It would of course mean no end to the war, but as Israel is the strongest of the two militarily, pounding the shit out of the PNA and the Palestinian Terrorists shouldn’t be too hard. Yes, it would mean more Israelis lost, sure, and that’s a tragedy (any death is) – yet, why should Israel value Palestinian life, when the Palestinians don’t value Palestinian life?

The PNA obviously think peace and prosperity is being dictated to them by “the West” – so let them have war and dispair, really – if all they can do is reject any attempt at honorable and just negotiations, that in the end would give them more than they have now – then let Israel pound the crap out of them.

Why should “the West” care? Why should Israel care? There really is no reason. If they cannot do what any other nation on earth see as self-evident – recognize Israel, renounce violence and accept deals brokered in the past – then why on earth should Israel give a shit about their situation?

Really, WHY?

If those terms are so hateful to them, why don’t they name their price, so that it becomes VERY clear exactly WHO it is that is rejecting PEACE? After all, why break a 60 year old habit?


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