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UN Resolution 194 – Part 1 – the Al Nakba

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on August 6, 2006

Someone I admire and respect very much wrote this in reply to a post made in Human Rights Network, the gist of the post is in red here, the reply is in blueish-purple – the assertion had been made that the Palestinians left their homes and their land voluntarily during the 1948 Arab-Israeli War :

“so, if i were to notify you, —–, that i would drop a 50 pound explosive on your house say at 2pm tomorrow, would you stay or would you go? and would it be “voluntary”?”

If you, ——-, notified us that you would drop a 50 pound explosive on our house say at 2 pm tomorrow, you can be sure as hell that I would stay. I would also inform everyone about your threat, so if you indeed bombed our house, everyone would know you did it. Now, the Israelis didn’t say back at 1948 that they would bomb anyone’s house. The Arabs said that the Israelis would be bombing houses. It didn’t happen, until after the Israelis’ houses were bombed. If you would leave your house because your buddy tells you that your new neighbors are evil bastards only after to harm you, and that you should get out of the way, so that your buddies can “get rid of the vermin”, so that you can return to live in your house with only neighbors who are like you, then I’d say that you did leave it voluntarily, and if anyone moves in to your abandoned house, I wouldn’t blame them. After all, house occupying is a pretty good idea. Why let perfectly good houses to be empty, when someone could use it and live in there? And because your buddies were lying about the threat AND weren’t able to “get rid of the vermin”, then I would blame your buddies. Not the neighbor. I would also question why you and your buddies wish to see only people of your own kind in the neighborhood. Also, I would wonder what you and your buddies have against the new neighbors. They were first kidnapped and then unable to return home; they have been horribly treated during each and every year of those 2000, by the people who didn’t want to have them as their neighbors; then some very bad people were doing unimaginable things to him – after all this the city council gave them the house next to yours, after all, it was their old home and currently owned by the city council. I would feel sorry for him and think it was great that he got his old home back. And I would think you are very hard and greedy, for wanting more than your fair share, especially, when you weren’t especially interested of the house when the neighbor wasn’t living in it.” (© Sanna Jensen 2006, used with permission)

Did the Palestinian Arabs leave their homes of their own free will? Yes, they did. Let’s see what one of the strongest and most avid champions of the Palestinian Cause has to say about this:

“Shmuel Katz, a member of the first Knesset, and leader of the Herut movement and the Etzel National Military Organisation, cited the words of Glubb Pasha: “The Arab citizens have been seized with terror and have fled their villages without being exposed to any threat during the war.” Shmuel suggests that this is how the lie arose that the Jews forcibly expelled the Arabs from their villages. He writes, “Correspondents who covered the 1948 war, most of whom were hostile to the Jews, spoke of the Arabs fleeing. But they did not say that their flight was forced. They did not even intimate it.” Shmuel thus acknowledges the unusual phenomenon, that of flight. He also acknowledges that it took place on a significant scale. He further acknowledges that it was a mass flight of farmers, who should have remained rooted on their land. Shmuel continues, “The men fled without defending their homes and this phenomenon of collective mass flight of these Palestinians requires a logical explanation. He also cites the words of the Times correspondent in Amman, who wrote that Syria, Lebanon, East Jordan and Iraq were ‘filled’ by those fleeing Israel and expressed surprise at how they fled, and why they did not remain or resist.” Shmuel also quotes Emil al-Ghuri, Secretary to the Supreme Arab Authority, who addressed the political committee of the United Nations on 17 November 1960 in the following words: “It is the Zionist acts of terror, accompanied by mass killings, which caused the mass exodus of the Arabs from Palestine. The propagation of these lies could have been nipped in the bud. The purpose of our citing these remarks is to emphasise two things: first, to acknowledge that a mass exodus did take place; secondly, to make clear that the reasons for the exodus lay in the propagation of frightening and false rumours about massacres that never in fact took place, in particular the events reported to have occurred in the infamous village of Dir Yasin. These remarks and the evidence they contain — and there is much else that could be included — is presented here in this, The White Book, to enable us to benefit from it and thereby come closer to the final solution, for the testimony of Zionist leaders, academics and neutral observers serves to establish the following:

First, that Palestinians inhabited this land and that they owned farms and homes there until 1948 and 1967.

Secondly, that they left this land in 1948, leaving their farms and homes, in fear of massacres, irrespective of whether these massacres actually happened or not.

Thirdly, that prominent leaders and academics in the Zionist movement, including individuals who participated in the 1948 conflict, testify that the Jews did not expel the Palestinians from Palestine, not from their farms, nor from their homes; in fact, the Palestinians believed the terrible rumours circulating and left Palestine.

Fourthly, that those who left formed a large group, that the exodus was on a significant scale.

This is positive — it will assist us in solving the problem.

The Jews, therefore, do not hate the Palestinians. They do not want to expel the Palestinians from their land, Palestine. They did not decide to massacre them, as the rumours suggest. And even the massacre at Dir Yasin did not take place. In fact, it was non-Palestinian Arabs who attacked Palestine and declared war on the Jews.”

(From Moammar Gadhafi’s “White Book”)

People get furious with me when I say that the Al-Nakba never happened. Even if I, like Moammar Gadhafi, acknowledege that an Exodus did take place, but – again as Moammar Gadhafi – also say that no Israel-lead massacres took place, no-one was driven from their homes and their land by the Israelis, civilian or military.

The problem is that the “Al-Nakba” implies that Israel-lead massacres did take place – so it’s impossible to say: “The Al-Nakba took place, but non-one was massacred or driven from their homes – by anyone.” To state the facts, from historical sources, such as direct statements from Arab Leaders or other Non-Israeli Leaders, automatically means denying one of the most nurtured, and “sacred myths” celebrated in Islam – that of the a Nation-wide Palestinian Catastrophe and Massacre at the hands of Israel. Accept the Al-Nakba and you say that Israel did it – deny the Al-Nakba, and you are stating that something the Arabs think of as equivalent to the Holocaust never happened – the difference is that the Holocaust did take place, the A-Nakba didn’t.

It is on this “myth” that the entire idea of a Palestinian Right to Return is based. In fact not only the idea of the Palestinian Right to Return is based on this – the unique and never before or after seen, definition of a Palestinian Refugee, created by the UN is based in this “myth”. There are other myths that are circulating in connection to UN Resolution 194 – I will get to those 🙂



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