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Peace Plan for the Middle East?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on July 27, 2006

A friend asked me to, in one sentence explain what is needed by Israel and in this case Lebanon to avoid the erradication of the next generation.I wrote this down as a response to her:

“To answer your questions – I ‘ll give you one-liners I think is pertinent for a true and peaceful solution.

1. Israel needs to stop settling out-side the borders of 1948.

This includes removing the wall where it intrudes on Palestinian territory – if Israel wishes to let its border be marked by a Wall around all of Israel, for protection – that is its prerogative, it is also its prerogative to have check-points with whatever kind of control mechanisms it thinks necessary along said border – like any other country.

2. The Arabs, including the Palestinians, need to accept Israel within the borders of 1948. This includes stopping any violent actions against Israel as a Nation or Israeli civilians and military.

3. The International Community needs to take control of areas of religious contention.

That includes the entirety of Jerusalem and any other religious sites that are of significance to the Abrahamic Faiths. Those areas should NEVER be controlled by any of the parties to the conflict, Jewish, Muslim or Xian.

4. The Palestinians need to stop whining about pieces of land that were lost fair and square in the 1948 war.

This means concentrating on doing what the Jews have been doing for 100 years in the area – building a fertile country that can and will sustain their population.

5. The Arab Nations, rich with oil and loaded with money, need to stop spending their money on weapons to terrorist organizations.

This means starting to actively aid the Palestinians build a fertile Homeland within the Palestinian borders of 1948.

6. Mrs Arafat’s bank accounts need to be seized by International Law-Enforcement. That money need to be distributed to the Palestinians, as the money was originally meant for them.

Harsh? Yes. But it is a fact that The Arabs lost the war in 1948 – just like Finland lost Karelia and Petsamo in 1944. Israel was military on an equal footing with the Arabs at that time, or let’s say they were, not to embarrass the Arabs. The Arabs had every chance to expell the Jewish People – they failed. The division of the area in two parts, one Jewish and one Palestinian is a fact. The Arabs need to accept that. That is the only way there is ever going to be peace.”



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