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Archive for June 21st, 2006

A life is a life is a life is not a guinea pig…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 21, 2006

“The solution is to get enough known survivors of childhood physical and sexual abuse for two groups. Ensure there is a good mix of both types in each group. (Example. If the total amount of participants is 20—then two groups of 10).One group is the control group, that group gets anything and everything medically available to assist with the healing process.

The other group is the test group. This group receives no medical help at all.

Track both groups until each study member has reached the predetermined age of adulthood. (lets say you track the groups from the age of 14 until the participants have all reached the age of 25).” From Shari’s Blog.

From my comment: “In theory, I like your idea – and yet find it quite horrible, because it leaves 10 abuse victims with no help whatsoever, and for what? To see if they turn into abusers themselves. I don’t like human experiments.”

The thing is we already have tons of statistics that tell us, abused kids run a 50% risk of growing up to be abusive adults. So such an experiment would, in my mind be not only rather moot, but cruel. It’s like forcing dogs to smoke to see if they get cancer – when we already know that smoking causes cancer. Rather than conduct a potentially cruel experiment on humans, we should instead use the money, that we would have used on that experiment, on building networks of recovery – it is a tested and tried reality that those who have themselves built recovery from abuse, drug addiction, crime etc, are the ones that have the most to give those who are still in the clutches of their illness.

A better solution would be to require all teenage and adult abuse victims to attend 12 Step Meetings for Abuse Victims. This should start the moment they are identified as abuse victims – 12 Step Meetings have a recovery rate of 80-95%, compared to traditional therapy which only reaches 30-50%. And what is even better – it’s FREE of charge, which means there is not cost to Society.


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