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"Support Our Troops"

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 18, 2006

To me this is the basics in the US invasion of Iraq – Oh. I am aware that not all on the Right believe this for real – but I suspect quite a lot have wet dreams along these lines. Including George W Bush.The lies being told US Soldiers (the ‘cannon fodder’) – are not just things that were said, that turned out not to be true, like WMDs the and Osama bin Laden – but the attitudes being taught, spread and used to ‘make it a good things to kill Iraqis’.

Let’s get real – what’s in it for the regular soldier below General’s rank? He/she doesn’t get to rape and pillage, because that is against International Laws. The plunder is scarce, because the country he/she is invading didn’t have much to begin with, and when he/she gets home, if he/she does get home, he/she will be back in the same rut he/she was in before going ‘over there’. And even worse because of PSTD and injuries come by in the War – injuries that will not be treated properly and fully, because the Medic Care for Veteran’s has been cut into to pay for the War. So really, why should they go, stay and even bother to come home?

For no reason what so ever – the best way to support the troops is to deprogram them from the horrible lies they were told before going, and let them emigrate to a neutral country with a social security sytem that actually will allow them full recovery – like Sweden or Norway.



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