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Farenheit 911 – some thoughts for my American Friends

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 15, 2006

I finally got to see Michael Moore’s “Farenheit 911” – yeah, yeah, but Sweden is slow, and I don’t go to the Movie Theaters, I always wait for TV to broadcast or for the DVD to hit the counters – and from an artistic point of view I am not impressed. Moore should stay with the short documentary.But from the point of just another viewer, it pushed all the right buttons, and pulled all the right strings – unfortunately it pushed and pulled a little too much. Oh, I have no trouble buying the basics – The US is in deep shit President-wise and is currently engaged in an unethical, immoral and unjustifiable war in Iraq, nor do I have trouble buying the basic conspiracy-theory – but I don’t like propaganda, no matter how true it is. Moore’s agenda shine’s through as glaring as Bush’s lies about the WMDs. As well as the Rule by Fear that the Bush Admin is practicing – but it seems to me that everyone else but the Americans knew this as it went down. This raised a question in me that I have asked and asked and not gotten an answer to – WHY DIDN’T the Democrats and/or Anti-Bush contigent commit an electoral coup in 2004, when they had the chance to get rid of that crazy little boy with his lethal toys? Why on earth divide the votes on four different candidates, when the World and the American People NEEDED that intelligence-deficient Napoleon off his stolen throne??? What happened? Did you really think it was going to correct itself during the term 2004-2008, that somehow you would all wake up from a bad dream and there would be a Democrat President in the White House?

There are times when one’s vote is more precious than one’s beliefs and even one’s life, when you vote against something, not for another thing – and that is when your country needs you to step up and do what it’s leadership is not going to do.

Are you all awake now?



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