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I have taken to Swapping…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 14, 2006

It seems I am greatly inspired by what my Wife does. She SWAPS. She is always preparing packages and receiving packages, from all over the world, having great fun.

Now most of the Swaps that I have seen are about decidedly ‘girly things’ such as knitting and other crafts – I wanted to try something I am good at, something where I would both send and get something I am passionate about – I am an Artist, so I started an Art Swap – “Art and a Cup of Java“:

“You send/receive 1 or 2 pieces of your own ORIGINAL art – i.e either a print (if you do Digital Art), collage, painting or drawing (no maximum size, but no smaller than an A4, including space around the image)un-framed (to avoid damage to glass in transport and keep the cost of postage down).

You also send/receive a sizable sample of your favorite coffee or tea (no maximum quantity, but no smaller than to make at least two normal sized cups). Make sure you know if your Swap Pal wants de-caff or not.

You send/receive an edible treat – cookies, cake, candy…whatever you fancy – try to make something indigenous to your area, country, city. Make sure you know if your Swap Pal is allergic to any ingredients.

You send/receive 1 piece/package of Art supply – a pen, pencil, crayon, sketch pad, brush, etc. Please inquire of your Swap Pals’ prefered medium.”

That’s nice and pretty easy. Now I am just waiting for people to join 🙂 I wonder if it will get of the ground.


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