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Archive for June 8th, 2006

To Share Or Not To Share – ?

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 8, 2006

A new Political Party has formed and gained a lot of popularity in Sweden – The Pirates’ Party. Why? Because they are for File Sharing on the Internet – not commercial File Sharing, as in “rip-off and sell” but as in “Share what you have” – The Political Establishment woke up yesterday, hicupping and reeling from the impact. In two day the Party went from 1500 members to 6000, and rising. Major member Groups? Those born between 1980 and 1995…and some of their parents – the eternal Generation X.

It’s illegal to File Share in Sweden. It was originally made illegal so the police could do something about the Commercial Rippers/Pirates. It hasn’t even made a dent in their activities – but it has hit a large number of private people, who share files on-line, not for finacial reasons (other than low incomes), but for the sake of sharing with those who have not – a simple measure of Justice.

Have I ever File-Shared? No, I have not – simply because I never managed to figure out how it works….Would I? Yes, if what I wanted was no longer for sale or if what I wanted was not within my range because it’s too expensive.

I don’t race around Town looking for a specific CD or DVD – I already know that it will be too expensive for me. So I don’t get the latest or even the 5 year old CDs or DVDs by artists I like – I don’t get it until it’s either second hand or on sale at less than 50% of the original price.

You see that is primarily why people do it – because what they want is not available for a reasonable price or available at all due to “Out of Print”. File-Sharing between ordinary ‘civilians’ is one thing – the original artist, or the company producing the music or the film or the game doesn’t loose any revenue from people file-sharing, because the people on the receiving end of the sharing wouldn’t go to the shop and buy their product anyway, not because they don’t want it, but because it’s too expensive.

They do loose revenue due to those who rip their product and sell commercial copies… and those – by all means go get them, rip them appart and make them pay – but don’t go after those that in the end don’t make a dent in the artists income.


Poll on my Yahoo

360° “Should File Sharing be allowed for non-commercial use?”


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To Serve and Protect…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on June 8, 2006

“It’s fine to put an abuse victim into a new house, but short of a legal name change, abusers can and do still find their victims, with tragic results. And let’s face it, if abusers are having difficulty locating their victims, there are private eyes who can do it for them.[…]No, IMHO the only solution is to treat abusers like criminals (toughen penalties and enforcement procedures). Then as soon as an abuser is charged, issue an automatic restraining order with a copy to the local police department. Then if the order is not enforced, charge the police officers with aiding and abetting a known criminal.” From Shari’s Blog.

I believe that this is a problem EVERYWHERE. I agree with Shari, failing to protect an alleged abuse victim should be punishable by law. If you cannot trust the police, then who can you trust?

One reason so many people, regardless of gender, ‘fail’ to report domestic violence and abuse, is because they ‘know’ that it will change nothing. At best it will award them a ridiculing or disbelieving laugh at worst they will be even more traumatized by the attending law enforcement officers and social workers. Restraining orders have a life of their own – they are issued when there is no need whatsoever, at the mere word of someone, f.i in a custody battle, but they are not issued when there really is a need for them, i.e when the abuse victim is right there in front of the police, bruises and all.

And as Shari points out – enforcing them, in the cases where they are issued, seems to be almost impossible. So, yes, some sort of ‘immediate restraint’ should be available until the allegations has been thoroughly investigated and either confirmed, in which case the culprit should be taken into custody by the judicial system, or cleared, at which the fraudulent abuse victim should be taken into custody. – My suggestion is that the alleged abuser should be fitted with an electronic shackle, alternately put in house arrest for the duration of the investigation – yes, this will mean that some innocent people would have to endure restrictions in their life for a limited time, but with appropriate compensation – i.e the incarceration of the fraudulent accuser – he or she would not suffer unduly.

Also, providing abuse victims with new identities and new living arrangements and locations should be mandatory in all cases where the abuse is confirmed – and it should be punishable with jail time to disclose the identity or whereabouts of confirmed abuse victims.

All in all I think we need to hold the law enforcement officers and social workers more accountable for the fact that so many restraining orders doesn’t seem to work or are issued in error. It should mean something when you fail to Serve and Protect.


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