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The Flu – the Curse of Relatives

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 31, 2006

I have been slacking on my blogging lately. Well, I have a ‘nice’ excuse – I was implanted with an ugly little bug, by my wife – who in turn had been implanted with it by her sisters, whom she visited a week ago. I hate being sick – it makes me feel like I am engulfed in wet cotton wool or lukewarm oatmeal porridge. Fortunate for us, I bought not one but three packs of ’10 packs’ Kleenex before we both went down with runny noses.

The Curse of Relatives…this is all my sister-in-laws fault. Had she told my wife that she was having this cold/flu prior to her going to visit with them, my wife would not have gone, as she is both asmathic and allergic, which means she is extra vulnerable to diseases that target the respiratory system…but – well, relatives are not always as considerate as one would like them to be.

The only one happy with this is Boris – who just loves to rip our used Kleenex’s apart – resulting in the apartment being strewn with particlerized Kleenex.:-)
This is an image of my brain right now


3 Responses to “The Flu – the Curse of Relatives”

  1. Holly said

    I know exactly how you feel, Shadow Bear. I’ve been hit, too, and I’m very, very sick. My husband caught a cold from someone at work, and even though we tried to prevent it from happening – we took every precaution possible – I caught it. Unlike my husband, though, I don’t just catch a cold; I end up with infection and pneumonia. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just wave a magic wand and be free of these bugs? *sigh*


  2. Dov Aryeh said

    If you find the Magic wand against Flu bugs, could you please email it to me?:-)



  3. Holly said

    LOL Sure. Just as soon as I use it on my husband and myself. LOL

    Hope to see you stop by some time…


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