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First and Second Hand Assortment of Parents

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 27, 2006

“While I have proposed some sort of testing program to help not necessarily weed out the prospective parents who are found to be a high risk to abuse their children, but to find a solution before they and their children or spouse become another statistic, both Holly and ShadowBear have opposed that.” From Shari’s Blog

I honestly think that Mandatory Parenting School – including psych evaluations, does solve the problem, especially if those psych evaluations are being followed by f.i mandatory enrollment in Treatment of and Recovery from the effect of having been raised in abusive families themselves, when such is detected. And it would do so without raising the issues of ethics and “where do we draw the line” in terms of what can and cannot be tested, without us playing G-d. The right to have children (which is not a Human Right – not even a Civil Right) doesn’t come with the genitalia – exactly because children are not ‘things’, but living beings.

Raising awareness, presenting a way out and offering people a solution as to what they can do to earn the right to have children and DEMANDING that they do that, before having children is reasonable and in my mind a lot more productive and constructive than genetic tests to detect potential child abusers. By targeting ALL prospective Parents, and making it something ALL people have to do in order to become Parents, we don’t make the mistake of dividing people into classes – First and Second Hand Assorment of Parents. And we would raise the parenting skills level for ALL.

It really is no difference between this and what is already being done in regards to couples seeking artificial insemination or who want to adopt a child – the difference is that with genetic screening, you end up with no way out – “You are genetically unfit to be a parent.” And that might not be the case at all, it might simply be that there is a predisposition or a possibility that with the correct intervention can be ‘corrected’.

One of my favorite bloggers raised an interesting question in one of his blog entries about a week ago – “If you could go back in time and meet Hitler before WWII, and kill him – would you?” He then went on and told a story about one such Brittish soldier, who during the WWI actually had the chance, but chose, out of mercy not to kill a German soldier (who happened to be A.Hitler).

Would I? No. I would not. The end doesn’t justify the means. Murdering someone or depriving them of their Free Will can never be right, no matter what the motives are. That is to reduce them to something less than a Human Being.



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