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Shooting Craps and Time Travel

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 24, 2006

Einstein said the G-d doesn’t play dice with the Universe – well that might be, but some times I think He plays dice with single human beings… A friend of mine just lost her husband to an act of violence – put on top of that that she lost her father just two months ago, and her mother three years ago to a freak accident – she’s been battling breast-cancer, anxiety, depression and her remaining family is a bunch of fucked up people she is having trouble relating to, and you have a nice stack of cards that shouldn’t be on anyone’s hand.

If I could, I would Time Travel – go faster than the speed of light, so much faster that I could go back and make a few adjustments for this friend. I would load the dice in her favor, tilt the playing table and deal her som Aces from a new deck. She doesn’t need all this grief, pain and sorrow – she needs a break, she needs not to be responsible for fixing everything now that her husband has been taken from her by a psychopathic maniac. She needs rest and time to heal all her old wounds, before she needs to deal with new ones.

So why? Why does G-d play dice with single people? And why are the dice always loaded to their disadvantage? I don’t get it. I really don’t. Do you?



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