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Archive for May 21st, 2006

Fox Guarding the Hen House

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 21, 2006

Having the US as some sort of World Police makes me shiver to my bones. An allegory: If I want my house to be burglar-proof I get better security, alarms and fences around my property, I get guard-dogs, which I keep in MY yard and I turn any burglars they catch over to the Police – I don’t demand that my neighbor better his security, alarms and fences – and I certainly don’t demand that my neighbor allow me to post MY guards in his living-room and yard or that he turn any burglar he happens to catch over to me, to be beaten up in my basement. I definitely do not send my guards and my dogs to another city, to hunt down burglars. Nor do I demand that my city and every city in the country, who have their own burglar-problems, stage a parade to commemorate the first burglary committed against me. Nor do I invade the Town Halls of other cities with my guards and dogs, imprison the Mayor and set myself up as Mayor “Because these people don’t know how to run a city.” I simply put up better fences, install better alarms, buy some guard-dogs and accept the fact that burglaries happen. I do what I can to create effective burglar alarms, and if my neighbor’s house is burglared, I ask nicely if he needs any help, and give him what he asks for, not what I think he needs and I do it on his conditions.”We cannot defend freedom abroad by deserting it at home.” ~ Edward R. Murrow ~



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