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Blue Cheese and Blogging…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 20, 2006

How many things have you walked around your entire life ‘hating’? How often have you said “No” to things simply because you KNOW you don’t like it? I know of at least two things I was absolutely SURE I did NOT like, that I have constantly turned down when asked. Blue Cheese and Blogging.

My father used to try and feed me Blue Cheese – something that is far too strong tasting for a 5 year-old – so I have “Always Hated” Blue Cheese…until I met my wife, married her and she asked me to just have a very tiny bite of her Blue Cheese Sandwich…I have never tasted something so wonderful in my entire life!What was obviously too strong and yucky tasting when I was 5, was just PERFECT when I was 35.

Seven years ago I started working on several Web Pages – I thought I could make a difference, share my thoughts, my beliefs, my passions – but maintaining a web page is a lot of work, a lot of coding and re-coding and…well it simply was too much work for too little result. It wasn’t helped when we lost our Internet connection and got back on line 4 years later… By then Blogging had become what everyone did – and I simply refused to go along. Why on earth would I bare my heart to an unknown number of strangers? Who would respond, what would they say – and why? No, Blogging was just as yucky as Blue Cheese had been.

Well that I changed my mind is evidenced by this Blog, right. Yet I wonder what other things I ‘hate’ that I would find I don’t ‘hate’ if I simply tried them.

Perhaps I would find that collecting stamps or camping are things I really like…I shiver just thinking about it…

One thing’s for sure though – blogging is a great tool for exposing the Wolves and the demented Foxes of this world, so untill I decide on stamps and camping I’ll stick to that.



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