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A Walk in the Sun

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 19, 2006

The Table –
Chassidic Story

By: Shoshannah Brombacher & Yitzchak Buxbaum

“The Baal Shem Tov once spent Shabbat in the town of Kolomaya, and on the night of Shabbat, he sensed the presence in the town of a holy soul radiating great light. So he went out for a stroll to find that light. When he passed by a certain home, he saw the light radiating from it; he also heard, within, the sounds of singing and dancing. Seeing that the door was slightly ajar, he went in and saw Rabbi Yaakov Koppel dancing in ecstasy before his Shabbat table, which was laden with good food. Rabbi Yaakov Koppel sang and danced for a long time until he finally stopped and noticed the Baal Shem Tov. He welcomed his guest warmly, and the Besht asked him, “Why do you sing and dance this way before eating?” Rabbi Yaakov Koppel answered, “Before I partake of the physical food, I first stand in front of the table and absorb the food’s spiritual essence. Sometimes I become so aroused that I sing and dance.” What is the food’s “spiritual essence”? It is its divine aspect. A Jewish mystic meditates on how the food has been created and is being kept in existence (like all created things) every minute by G-d’s will. And a person’s profound realization that G-d has created this food to nourish and provide for him leads him to mystic joy.”, – republished in accordance with their copyright policy.)

Shabbat Shalom!Shabbat is a bubble in time, where the Sacred meets the Mundane andboth are even more Sanctified. I like Shabbat – it has been said about Sahbbat that it embodies the very moment of Creation when G-d ceased creating – He Paused – He didn’t stop creating, because humans are still being formed, animals are still being born and Nature is still producing Nature, but He Paused – He looked at what He had made so far and then through Pausing He completed the act of Creation. Shabbat is a Room in Time where we can Pause too, and so mimick the Creator. By Pausing in our weekly endeavors we complete what we are doing – and we sanctify the Creative Force both within ourselves and without ourselves, as well as the Creator Himself.It is interesting that we Humans Sanctify our world by Pausing, but Nature Sanctifies it in and of itself. Creation is in itself a Sanctification, and it is inviting us to join it on Shabbat for a stroll in the sun.

Or a dance in the rain – it really doesn’t matter as long as we are thoroughly soaked.


3 Responses to “A Walk in the Sun”

  1. Mike K said

    Shalom Shabbot !

    Rest ? Yes, Peace comes in here.

    I time to focus ? Oh yes. In complete peace, true focus is done, not under stress nor staining.

    A time to recharge ? Yes, and some things to re-evalutate, restructure the thinking, rethink our structures, relive some things, and re-evalutate.

    There is a time to sing and a time to morn; and both may be done when one is at peace, for the betterment of one’s self and therefore the moving closer to one’s G-d.

    Shalom V’ahava !


  2. Gayle B. said

    Shadow Bear,

    Again, your joy at sharing your own religious journey leaves me smiling and also breathing in “the pause” ~ simialar to “the space between the notes” in grand music as well as certian bells and chimes.

    At least once a month, in my personal religion, we have “fast Sunday.” On those days, those that are physically able are asked to fast until the Sacrament is partaken as well as the lessons. I find that my studies seem to go deeper into reflection each time I fast.
    If I am too ill to go to my place of worship a very young male child accompanied by a church elder will call to make an appointment to pick up my “fast offering” and say a prayer with me. The offering is usually the estimated cost of 1 or 2 meals but it is also a time to give extra for an unexpected blessing or as the Spirit of G-D moves us.

    Many miracles have happened because of being able to more clearly connect while fasting. One month, I was moved to give an extra $10 ~ a lot on my small stipend~ and to designate it for emergency funds.
    That was the weekend before Katrina, and there were many who were so moved so that the many members who went down to the Gulf Coast to help rebuild places of worship (not just of our faith but to help with the rebuiding of ALL places) as well as arrange for member’s to have temporary repairs, homes, clothing whatever was needed until the next month when a call went out to donate … and more members from all over a large area went down there with donated clothing, blankets, homemade quilts, toys as well as a huge caravan of 18 wheelers full of supplies from one of our distribution and food centers.

    Yes, the joy, the light but most of all the pause in time when we do not do the mundane things, but concentrate on the sacred, a day to look forward to, and to prepare as we do not shop, cooking is done the day before ~ many of the rituals are the same.

    Thank you Shadow Bear


  3. Dov Aryeh said

    Mike, Gayle, thank you both for your comments – Gayle I am going to use that analogy “the space between the notes” in the future – I hope it’s ok.



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