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Human Rights…

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 18, 2006

It seems to me that where ever I go on the Internet I come upon discussions about Human Rights – what they are, who has them and who doesn’t have them. Frequently the idea comes up that criminals don’t have any Human Rights, not even after they have served their time.Now let’s see, that means President George W. Bush doesn’t have any Human Rights, Nelson Mandela doesn’t have any Human Rights, Hugh Grant, Christian Slater, the English Royal Family, (under the clause of ‘guilt by association’) the Crown Prince of Denmark, Prime Minister Tony Blair…plus the leaders of a dozen countries in the Third World. They all have criminal records, and according to a certain Mind-set they lost their Human Rights the moment they committed what in the eyes of the Law of the land is a crime.

Fascinating isn’t it?

It’s almost as fascinating as the FACT that the country that claims to be the most democratic and greatest advocate of Democracy and Human Rights, in the World is in fact not a Democracy at all, but a Republic and a Police State which routinely denies big chuncks of it’s citizenship the right to vote.Wow. Hitler, at least, had the decency to not pretend to be democratic and for human rights – maybe because he was vegetarian…or possibly because he was one hell of a road-builder…?



3 Responses to “Human Rights…”

  1. Valerie said

    Wow, Dov, pretty strong words there! You do know that it depends upon the severity of the crime whether or not one is allowed voting rights… I’m not saying that I agree with this, but your allegory to Hugh Grant et al not being allowed to vote isn’t quite accurate.

    Love your blog page, btw!


  2. Dov Aryeh said

    You know Valerie – I wasn’t refering to the actual judicial procedure – I was refering to the Mind-Set and the idea that I have encountered among, mainly, Conservative Americans, that criminals forfeit their Human Rights when they commit a crime. And a lot of them actually mean “ANY CRIME”. ANY CRIME and EVERY HUMAN RIGHT. From that point my allegory is quite accurate. GW Bush’s DUI and any serial killer’s crime is “ANY CRIME” and thus, should by that logic render both void of Human Rights.

    Now, I don’t think ANY Crime can actually remove any person’s Human Rights, as they are not “given” – so to me the severity of the crime is irrelevant.



  3. Dov Aryeh said

    Addition – it doesn’t matter if ONE person doesn’t have the right to vote – regardless of the reason, that person’s civil rights are being violated. You cannot claim to be a democratic country if portions of the adult population does not have all civil rights equally with everyone else.

    Civilization in and of itself implies civil rights for all.



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