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Selective Obedience

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 17, 2006

Boris, my dog, is a very well behaved dog. He is kind and open, always willing to please and be at his best – except when… well, we’ll get to that. He knows all the usual tricks of a dog – sitting, lying down, fetch, coming when called etc. He even knows how to ‘do his business’ on command for those cold and rainy days. In fact he is much like a human. He is opportunistic when it comes to food – i.e if it’s there he will eat it, even if it, strictly speaking isn’t his or if it’s in the garbish bin. He likes warm, soft places to sleep, and he enjoys playing and cuddling. So what’s about the “Except when…” Well, if anything more interesting comes along, he will loose his focus on what he is doing right there and then and chase down this new interest. Like rabbits or moles. No matter of yelling, treat-waving, cooing will help, he is completely deaf to any of that. “But Dad, there’s a RABBIT over here!” Selective Obedience. He also knows that if he eventually comes he will not be punished, he will be praised for coming. That is my Rule. Positive re-inforcement.Much the same as with us Humans and G-d. We generally are very well behaved – we know all the tricks, even some not so common ones and we do them gladly and willingly – until something more interesting comes along, distracts us, take our focus. Then all we have ever learned is lost to our minds and souls. Selective Obedience. It seems to me that we do this a lot – and it needn’t be something ‘positive’ like the eqvuivalent of a RABBIT to get us unfocused – some times it’s the deepest, blackest and coldest depression that makes us not hear, see or feel that G-d is out there, talking to us. I hate Depression – it is so Life-negating.

Quite opposite to Boris.



2 Responses to “Selective Obedience”

  1. ktlasers said

    I LOVE that analogy!


  2. Dov Aryeh said

    I am glad you liked it, thank you! And thanks for commenting.


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