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Archive for May 16th, 2006

Oy Vey!

Posted by Henric C. Jensen on May 16, 2006

It’s all my Wife’s fault. She misled me – she has been spending loads of time Blogging, seeming to have a lot of fun…and she showed me this wonderful felt Polar Bear someone had made and had blogged about – I had to comment, and now I am here, blogging. Oy Vey! the trickery of Wives…Pirke Avot – Chapters/Tradition of the Fathers teaches: Yosi ben Yochanan of Jerusalem said: Let your house be wide open and let the poor be members of thy household; and do not talk much with women. This was said about one’s own wife; how much more so about the wife of one’s neighbor. Therefore the sages have said: He who talks too much with women brings evil upon himself and neglects the study of the Torah and will in the end inherit Gehenna.” Now, the Sages meant that to say that one shouldn’t neglect one’s Torah studies and engage in idle or possibly flirtatious interaction with women…but we see here what it leads to from a more humorous angle – I spend an entire Afternoon and Evening “Tinkering” with source-coding and uploading images…Oy Vey!

Oh, btw – this is me
– photo taken this very day, I could have called this Blog “That Fat Little Yid”, but I am so tired of all the ‘Fat-Talk’ all over the Net, it’s so brainless, so devoid of Human Feeling that it should in fact be illegal to comment on people’s weight, over- or otherwise.

It amounts to “cursing the deaf”. But more about “cursing the deaf” later…



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